Week 1, Post 2

So one of the Creative Prompts from our week 1 homework was titled, Promp 1(Crafting Based).

I thought about this the last few days and decided I wanted to do each prompt. Writing is not only words, but it is also a process that for many involves other tools as well. Camera(s), pens, paper, and for me, making up posts that have photos and text. I struggled with this earlier today (or really yesterday at this point) because I thought what I wanted to do was to create one page of photos with a facing page of text, but it didn’t really flow well (and remember that is one of my goals), so I had to change what to do. I often don’t have a Plan B, and it’s a struggle for me to switch gears so this made me finally save this post as a draft and go do something that was less stressful for me. That put me past midnight for posting. Of course it did.

So here is the first photo. Once again, click on the photo to enlarge it.

the processborder

it shows my work table and a few of the tools, my binder, the Xyron and the Cameo. Then I show a printed word, cut it out with the Cameo and add an acrylic dot to the top for some dimension. This is the first page of the binder.

Then I added another small embellishment for some contrasting color. Because I want this project to be about the journaling more than the embellishments, I’m going to think carefully about what to use, and use them sparingly. Texture is important, but too much distracts from telling the story.

This is the finished first page. And once again, click to enlarge.

finished project border

Tomorrow (if I can squeeze it in) I plan on doing the second Creative Prompt, which is writing based.


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One Response to Week 1, Post 2

  1. I love that! Can’t wait to see the finished product at the end of the workshop!

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